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Rick Kalb CLTC®

Private Wealth Advisor

Rick Kalb is a Private Wealth Advisor with an unwavering passion for helping people achieve their financial goals. His 40-year journey in the industry, coupled with his exceptional work ethic and commitment to client well-being, has established him as a top advisor. With a focus on multi-generational wealth management, Rick's expertise and caring nature make him a trusted partner for individuals seeking comprehensive retirement planning for their life after work. Born and raised in New York, Rick's roots lie in Syracuse and Westchester/Edgemont. Rick's path was set from a young age, dedicating his entire career to helping people navigate their financial futures.

Starting his professional journey at the young age of 23, Rick fearlessly reached out to attorneys, accountants, and executives, armed with nothing but iced coffee and determination. Rick quickly began to see the impact of his efforts, securing his first appointment with a small law firm. His evolution continued as he built up his advisory practice, while still maintaining personalized service for each client. 

Rick joined forces with Nerd Nation several years ago to ensure long-term stability and continuity of his practice in the future. Rick and Chris share the same values, and their complementary skillsets provide an enhanced service offering and experience to their clients.

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Known as the "un-nerdiest nerd" at Nerd Nation Financial, Rick's passion for his work is unmatched, and he takes pride in going above and beyond. His areas of expertise and differentiators lie not only in his financial knowledge but also in his genuine care for his clients. He listens attentively to understand what truly keeps them up at night and provides the reassurance and guidance needed for financial peace of mind.

Rick's involvement in the community further exemplifies his commitment to giving back. An avid bike rider and racer, he founded a 20-year long Big Brothers and Sisters charity ride. He is an active member of the 49 Breakfast Rotary Club and has served on the boards of Hospice of the Foothills and Bright Futures for Youth, helping disadvantaged kids in the area. Recently, Rick has made Marin County his home, splitting his time between there and Nevada City, and enjoying the best of both.