Helping families and professionals build confidence and optimism around their finances.

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At Nerd Nation Financial, we provide expert financial planning guidance and develop caring relationships that go beyond the planning process itself.

Our philosophy is that:

  • Planning is a collaborative process, not an isolated event.
  • Clients are best-served by a fiduciary who provides advice based solely on the client’s best interest.
  • Planning is about achieving goals, not about chasing return or trying to beat the market.
  • Each client deserves a plan that integrates all the facets of their financial picture.
  • Solutions to complex issues must be simple, actionable and designed with the end in mind.

We primarily work with two types of clients:

  • Mid-career professionals and families with young children looking to get their financial planning “house in order."
  • Later-career professionals planning for income distribution in retirement.

We have niche expertise for clients who work for technology companies in Silicon Valley. In particular, we help them optimize their employer benefits and help them develop an overall strategy for their stock options, RSUs, ESPP, 401(k), and investment accounts.

By focusing on what matters most to our clients, we put together a strategy and work together each year to achieve their goals.