Financial Optimism for
People Who Tech

We are a team of financial architects with deep expertise in the tech sector and stock-based compensation. We empower our Silicon Valley clients to break through the daily financial noise and clarify their philosophy around money.

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Our team understands the thrills and complexities of #TechLife unlike any other wealth management firm. As a “techie” you’re often one of the smartest people in the room, but now you have more options and opportunities than bandwidth to optimize everything.

At Nerd Nation, we believe more money does not equal more problems. In our world, more money can mean more options for meaningful change, more opportunities for impact, and more optimism around your family’s future. While the financial rules have changed, managing your finances doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending game you don’t have time to play.

Our team is your sounding board for your biggest money, life, and career decisions – whether that’s providing memorable experiences for your kids, maintaining career mobility, or looking forward to life after work instead of dreading the planning it takes to get there.

For once, you don’t have to know-it-all or do-it all. Instead, you get to enjoy-it-all.

Our Philosophy

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Planning is about achieving goals, not chasing returns or trying to beat the market. You deserve a plan that integrates all the facets of your financial picture and a team that creates synergy with your other planning professionals.

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You are best served by a dynamic, multi-disciplined, fiduciary team that provides advice based solely on your best interest and takes a highly coordinated approach to your goals. Planning is a collaborative process, not an isolated event.

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Complex planning should be simple, actionable, and forward-thinking.